Mystery Science Theater Adventures

MST 1/2
Updated 6/8/01

In the not too distant future, another September day
Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank left to go their separate way
They left by using the time machine
To go back home to Deep 13
But disturbance put the SOL off base
The Satellite Of Love fell out of space!!!
The satellite crash landed, near a little Chinese spring (lalala)
All 6 were thrown into it by the force of the landing (lalala)
Now keep in mind this certain spring had a curse that was at hand (lalala)
And the curse affected Joel and Mike, and also their robot friends!

Cambot (on a rage)
Gypsy ("Richard Basehart")
Tom Servo ("lookin' good")
Croooow!! (still a wisecracker)

Gizmonic Institute's their goal, as they trek from day to day (lalala)
And repeat to yourself, "It's just a file," and let the story go where it may




An unknown author, in early 1997, decided to write her own short MSTA that takes place between episodes 201 and 202. The plot is the MSTA gang gets trapped for a bit on IRC EFNet channel #mst3k.

#201.5 -- "Trapped in IRC"


MSTA has even been MSTied!!!



#305 - MST 1/2 Part 5
Berlin, after the wall. That city may have been through a lot, but nothing like what's about to happen when Crow gets charged with a theft while in his cursed form! Of course, since all the cursed forms look look like his, hilarity results!

#306 - MST 1/2 Part 6
New York City! The glamour! The glitz! The endless taxicabs! And Joel, Mike, and the 'bots are stuck right in the middle of it when a 4-person boy band wants to make use of Joel's technical know-how to create an artificial 5th member because, well, 5 is cool! Also, one of the band mistakes a certain red-haired type of person for a stalker!


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Mystery Science Theater Adventures is a work of fan-fiction not intended for profit, but only for fun reading. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Characters from Mystery Science Theater 3000 created by Joel Hodgson and Michael J. Nelson. Copyright 1988, 1990, 1993 Best Brains Productions

'Jusenkyo' and 'Nyannichuan' Copyright 1987 Rumiko Takahashi

All other characters created by Emi M. Briet -- Copyright 2001