(to the tune of "Windy" by The Association)
Lyrics (c)2003 Emi M. Briet

When 9/11 hit New York City
We had a villian no one could see
Bush got the big excuse that he wanted
Claimed that Iraq had WiMDys

Saddam Hussein down in Baghdad city
He's got a another plant by the sea
UN said it's a baby milk fact'ry
Bush said "No way! It's WiMDys!"

And WiMDys can cloud the eyes
Of gov'ments that fantasize
That's why they sent planes to fly
And bomb the sky....
And bomb the sky....

(flute verse with explosions)


UN just found some rusty bomb casings
Buried where anybody could see
Although they've all been dead for some time now
Bush, he still thinks they're WiMDys

Damn those Iraqis sure can be sneaky
Hiding where everybody can see
Cheney thought after pausing a moment
"They're all defending WiMDys!"

Truck made in Britain drives through the city
Captured by USA don't you see
Blair said "It's just a weather balloon truck"
Bush said "Come on! It's WiMDys!"

(repeat last 3 verses until fade)