(to the tune of "First of May" by Jonathan Coulton)
Lyrics 2007 Emi M. Briet

I woke up this morning
Had my borscht and a vodka shot
Had a little conversation with my comrade down the lot
I said I'm sick of capitalism
And I wish that it would die
Because a little fellow from Secret Police
Had a watchful eye

And he said
Oooooh child, well you know that we all really can't work forever
Ohhhhh child, now is time for all people to get together
Right now

Cause is First of May, First of May
Commie holiday today
So bring ballistic missile
Or at least your best AK
Weather's not cold, come and cheer on the Party
And if you don't we will drag out your body
Chants below and sky above
Celebrate work with crazy little thing called marching outside

I thanked him for information
Grab my ushanka for this red star day
Gave a good "Salut!" to the People's Party
Then I was on my way
Called up my devushka
She wasn't home so I called KGB
I told them that she has to join us
For the festivity

And I said
Oooooh child, I'll bring a Stoli and you promise not to bring that Popov
Oooooh child, We better like it else they're gonna go and shoot our heads off
Right now


Went to Red Square together
They were marching in the midday sun
We met all kinds of comrades but we
Weren't sure of one
He whispered to the baker
It was nothing I could hear him say
But KGB was listening and they
They took him away

So come on
Oooooh child, open your mouth and your heart, and the thoughts moving through you
Oooooh child, you'll feel the arm of the State when they come up to you Right now