(to the tune of "Election Day" by Arcadia)
Lyrics 2006 Emi M. Briet

I hope and look to the day
Opening eyes impeach our "dear leader"
Congress, they turning away
Too long playing slave being bottom feeders
We're moody today
We're getting so restless (so restless, so restless indeed)
"With us or with them," as they say
Making up facts like, "Iran has a nuke force"
Hi guys, by the way
Are you aware your acts are illegal
You're making another country look evil
This is the right time to say
We're not gonna fall for this flam flam again, no!

Comes to me no surprise
Bush planned something new
I type my blog up and say
"Please don't get caught
All up in this hate wave"
Type my blog up and pray
I'll wake them up by next Election Day!

"Take the red pill," as we say
Don't fall for the mainstream media's cunning
Go link to WRH
The neo-cons have far less sense than money


By net and grass roots
We spread the truth downstream
Start out as murmurs and sounds
Become an ever-present scream
Spread it further
A chorus of voices all sing
And once the neo-cons go away
We will dance, oh....
We should be asking
What they're scheming
They should fear Election Day


Next Election Day