(to the tune of "Peggy Sue" by Buddy Holly & The Crickets)
Lyrics 2006 Emi M. Briet

Mary Sue, Mary Sue
Fanfic written just for you
Oh Mary, oh Mary Sue
Other characters
Fall in love with Mary Sue

Mary Sue, Mary Sue
Author puts herself in you
Oh Mary, oh Mary Sue
Oh they love you, girl
Though there's no real reason to

Mary Sue, Mary Sue
Perfect, perfect, pretty, pretty Mary Sue
Oh Mary, That Mary Sue
It's out of character
But they love you Mary Sue

They love you, Mary Sue
With a love too lame for true
Oh Mary, oh Mary Sue
With your mystery past
And your perfect fashion too


How 'bout you, Gary Stu
Writers male they do it too
With Gary, their Gary Stu
Well he's good at sports
And knows astrophysics too

But you know deep down
He's another Mary Sue