LEELA (Sevateem)
(to the tune of "Maria" by Blondie)
Lyrics 2006 Emi M. Briet

She moves like she don't care
Janus Thorns, through the air
Ooh, they make your hour nigh

She'll never know your name
But you harmed the Doctor all the same
Ooh, she wants to make you die

Ooh, you could never take her
Never take her on your own

Oh Leela
You can't defeat her
You're insane indeed if you try
So fear her
Watch out for Leela!
A million in one odds you'll die

I've seen this all before
A villain schemes and he's feelin' sure
Fool to quench his mad desire

She makes him feel the pain
His blood is running down the drain
Soon, there's just raging fire

You could never make her
Ooh, you could never take her soul


Ooh, if you try to break her
Ooh, you will never make it home

She walks like she don't care
She caused destruction everywhere
Ooh, it makes you wonder why

She has that feral stare
Walking through the smokey air
Ooh, the villain had to die

CHORUS until fade