(to the tune of "Maria" by Blondie)
Lyrics 2006 Emi M. Briet

She moves like she don't care
Tough as nails, cool as air
Ooh, for PlanEx she will fly

'The Zapper' knows her name
But she knows that he is just insane
Ooh, she wants to make him die

Ooh, you could never take her
Never take her on your own

Oh Leela
You've gotta heed her
She'll kick if you get out of line
And via
Turanga Leela!
A million rejections to Fry

I've seen this all before
Like Ranma shot through Akane's door
Fry, for love, would take the fire

She loves him just the same
She's pushed her feelings down the drain
Try to quell that desire

Fry could never make her
Ooh, gotta face it on her own


Ooh, took a play to break her
Ooh, flies the ship to take her home

She walks like she don't care
That Fry hits on her everywhere
Ooh, she'll make him wanna die

She gives that one-eyed stare
Walking through the E.T. air
Ooh, it makes you pity Fry

CHORUS until fade