(to the tune of "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks)
Lyrics (c)2005 Emi M. Briet

Beatrix Kiddo was a high-class assassin
Workin' for the Viper Squad
Trained hard under Bill, their boss
And Master Pai Mei of Hong Kong.
After many years Beatrix had gone out
Lookin' to retire from kills
Got engaged to a guy she found
And distanced herself from Bill

Well it wasn't too long, was about to get married
Bill had found her out at the church
They talked a little while out on the front steps
And Bill said how long he'd searched
Well she finally got the nerve to invite Bill in
Introduced him to everyone there
But in walked through the rest of Viper Squad
And put her in intensive care

She awoke from her coma four years later
With some vile creep straight in her sight
She smashed Buck's head as she got out of bed
And it didn't take long to decide

That Bill had to die!
Goodbye, Bill!
Pray to your Lord
'Cause I've got Hanzo's sword, Bill!
I found O-Ren
Now her brain's in the sand, Bill!
Vernita's dead
Made a vow to her kid, Bill!

She went down to do Budd in
She searched his house high and low
She found her sword, and found Elle there
And Budd was dead on the floor
Well the fight went on and words turned to punches
And swords flashing side to side
And then she caught Elle by surprise
And plucked out her remaining eye

So she drove really far using Elle's car
On the highway to find Bill
She found an estate and she knew right away
That this was where she'd make her kill

'Cause Bill had to die!
Goodbye, Bill!
My kid's alive?
Don't be glad I arrived, Bill!
You think I'm beat?
Look what Pai Mei taught me, Bill!
Five steps from me
And fall dead on your knees, Bill!