(To the tune of "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas)
Lyrics (c)2005 Emi M. Briet

Everybody was Dragonball fighting
Punches that glowed like lightning
But the fight's so slow it was frightning
Someone increase the timing!!

There were funky Saiyan men
With funky power loads
They've been blowing stuff up
For 'bout a million episodes
It's an ancient TV fare
But just finished on the air
And if Toon Net has their way
They'll be airing it every day!


There was little Goku Son
He met that Bulma chick
Here comes King Pilaf! *HAH!*
Let's get him quick!
But by Z's final show
50 years had gone the flow
But every battle in between
Lasted weeks upon the screen!


Cool....here's the Freeza Saga!
Should take about a year to get through...
This premeired on USA TV in what? 1995?? And they just aired the final episode of GT in 2004???
That's about, what, 10 battles, right? ;)
(continue random such prattling until song fades)